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Careers in Education

Course Number: 1509

If you are interested in the field of education or just learning more about how to work with children, Careers in Education is a course that will help you become a teacher who makes an impact on the lives of students. Careers in Education, will help students learn how humans behave and interact with others. Topics help individuals understand themselves and develop personal skills to help them relate to others in meaningful ways. Relating to others and building relationships is especially important to those students who are interested in the field of education. Through this course, you will focus on what a teacher does, the qualities of an effective teacher, and steps to becoming a teacher. You will explore human development, various theories of development, and the various developmental stages of children through teens. Throughout the course we will describe the early history of education in America, modern history of education, and current aspects of schools, including federal, state, and local responsibilities. Also covered is learning diversity, what makes an effective teacher, lesson planning, instructional strategies, technology, assessment, classroom management, and the student’s future as a teacher.

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