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One semester

½ credit

Grades 11-12

Prerequisite: None

Students will work on an individual basis with an adult/professional mentor to gain experience in a particular career interest area. An individual plan, developed by the student and mentor/supervisor, will structure and guide the experience. The mentor experience will require 40 hours in a workplace setting. The mentorship can occur over a summer and/or one semester, and will be unpaid.

*NOTE: 1) The course is graded Pass/Fail; 2) The student will need to assist with seeking out a placement with one or more business / industry partners; 3) If/when necessary, to help meet the 40 hours, the mentorship coordinator and student may develop a plan to provide the student with critical experience in the specific career area. Students should speak with their counselor if they are interested in the mentorship program. For more information on Wauwatosa's Mentorship program, please click here.

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