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Business and Society

Students will engage in profession based experiences in a dynamic business like setting. Students will apply business strategy to projects that require collaborative teams to solve problems and communicate results to business and industry partners. LAUNCH 2.0 students will gain skills in ethics, stakeholder management, project management and global/cultural awareness that will prepare them for 21st-century workplaces. This is a one semester course available only to senior students who successfully completed any LAUNCH strand as a junior.

Business and Society is a dual credit opportunity with UW-Milwaukee (BUS ADMIN 200), taught by Ms. Fisher. The course is worth 3 undergraduate credits. To enroll in the course as a dual credit option:
1. Complete the UW Application
2. Complete the Concurrent Enrollment Form
3. Get the course added to your schedule by contacting your Student Services office assistant.

Course Description: Integrated understanding of sources of competitive/strategic advantage derived from corporate citizenship in the public policy, social, economics, and ecological environments.

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