Welcome to LAUNCH, a program where learners fast forward into their future and are fully immersed in personalized professional cultures, exploring industries of interest, solving real world problems, and using industry standard tools.  Learners connect, work and are coached by professionals in their professions of choice, all while receiving high school and potentially college credit and industry credentials.

LAUNCH is an example of how business, community, agencies, and educators can partner to produce the most personalized profession-based experiences that educate the talent of tomorrow, especially in high skill, high demand jobs.  In addition,  students will be exposed to industry brands, build a professional network of support, and develop credentials that will foster continuous improvement via lifelong learning, unlock and access their human potential, collaboration and problem solving skills.  Students will learn how to learn for themselves! 

We are looking for YOU to participate in one of our key strategies to help students learn through experience.  Links to sign up for these opportunities are below the chart. 


Chart of engagement opportunities with LAUNCH -- Guest Speaker, Job Shadow Host, Skill Mentor, Project Coach


Guest Instructors/Speakers

LAUNCH is seeking professionals who would like to offer a 30-45 minute virtual session on any professional or career topic of interest.

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Job Shadow

The time commitment for this type of experience is minimal on the part of the host, but is immeasurable to students as they weigh their post-high school options and select careers.
A job shadow host commits to approximately 3 visits by a LAUNCH student. The student will accompany you as you perform your job to gain experience and see what it is like to perform a certain type of work.

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Skill Mentor

Professionals who would like to offer approximately 1 hour per week for 8-10 weeks and are willing to engage and commit to developing our students are encouraged to be skill mentors.  Skill Mentors provide guidance on role-specific/digital skills such as CAD, Prostart, Python, etc. and/or human skills such as complex problem solving, data literacy, cultural agility, etc.

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Project Coach

These adults serve as resources and guides to point our students in the right direction, help them structure their efforts productively, and provide them with the feedback they need in order to produce the best results.  Project Coaches meet regularly with student groups throughout the project challenge process (approximately 1 hour per week for 8 to 10 weeks). The coach works with the team to develop a meeting cadence, location, and method of communication.

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Review Student Projects

Professionals from any career sector who would like to review our projects in a remote environment are needed to review student projects, offering guidance, support, and critique. The review session lasts approximately 30 to 60 minutes. Our students would coordinate a date/time with you.

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College Student Project Collaboration

Students who are currently enrolled in a college/university/technical college are welcome to participate in LAUNCH student projects.  Interested students should complete the form below to be contacted by LAUNCH staff to collaborate with high school students on a LAUNCH project.

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