LAUNCH combines company driven ideas with sound project processes to produce quality deliverables and a workforce for the future.

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LAUNCH acquires projects that are driven by three areas:

  • Company to-do list
  • Employee led innovation
  • Non-profit solutions

Projects involve employees through authentic problem solving and new idea development.
Students engage in real world experiences that connect them to regional employers.



Teams are formed using a combination of interests and strengths.

Students receive trainings on professional collaboration focused on communication, diversity and inclusion, and empathy and compassion.

Alongside industry coaches, teams create roles and norms for the duration of the project.



These experiences spark curiosity and creativity, develop digital literacy, complex problem solving and critical thinking.

Processes develop growth mindset, judgement and decision making, and promotes innovation, communication, and analysis.



Students will produce deliverables that employ ethics and an entrepreneurial mindset to solve problems.

Using emotional & social intelligence, teams will learn to work with others who are different from them.

Leadership & Social Influence skills are developed through genuine team engagement.

Students construct mindfulness strategies through process learning.