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Milwaukee Tool Winter Innovation Challenge

LAUNCH and Milwaukee Tool are celebrating a successful business challenge that happened this winter. Milwaukee Tool employees partnered with LAUNCH students and collaborated on solving some of the company’s biggest problems.

LAUNCH is an organization that gives students the opportunity to work with companies in order to receive profession based experiences. Recently, LAUNCH worked with Milwaukee Tool by partnering their 6 strands (Global Business, Business Analytics, IT Foundations, Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing, and Media Solutions) with Milwaukee Tool employees tackling problems within the business, and building the future of work human skills. This business challenge took part over a 7 week period, challenging students with problems faced in the workplace. It culminated in a final presentation at the end of the challenge. Both LAUNCH and Milwaukee Tool were able to benefit from this partnership as students gained valuable experience, while Milwaukee Tool was able to receive help from a group of students willing to work hard on producing the best possible product.

The Winter Innovation Challenge had 40 mentors, 11 professional experts, working 2 hours per week for 8 weeks, over 620 volunteering hours and over 170 LAUNCH students from Brookfield East High School, Brookfield Central High School, Wauwatosa East High School, Wauwatosa West High School, and Pathways High. The project was a huge success. Students explored their career passions and interests during the challenge. Throughout the projects, students grew their employability skills such as project management, self awareness, and virtual communication. 

Students were able to articulate the value Milwaukee Tool brings to this region, STEM education, and community impact. The challenge helped students, schools and communities create a better place. Milwaukee Tool employees also learned, practiced, and developed their skills in a low risk environment and increased employee engagement, while strengthening the Milwaukee Tool brand.

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