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Automation, Robotics and Trends in IT

Hosted at Brookfield Central High School

Students will engage in profession-based experiences in a dynamic, business-like setting.  This strand is ideal for students who like using digital technology, robotics & automation, problem-solving, working as part of a team, and fixing things and want to learn about components of the world of IT and application of current technologies (automation & robotics, and computer programming).

This strand supports students' choice of industry certifications.

3 credit experience

  • English 11/Professional Writing, Research and Communication (1 credit)
  • Emerging Trends in IT (1 credit)
    Students will self-select areas of study which may include Robotics, Cloud Architecture, Cybersecurity, IOT, Java, Source Control, Full Stack Development, Databases, Data Analytics, etc.
  • Mentorship (1 credit)
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