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Global Business

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Students who like presenting, DECA, extracurriculars, competition, teamwork, art, music, creativity, and research will enjoy gaining experience in marketing, sales and entrepreneurship while making business connections and developing a product or service.

First Year Students - 3 credit experience

  • English 11/Professional Writing, Research and Communication (1 credit)
  • Business Strategy* (1 credit)
  • Mentorship (1 credit)

Repeated experience (Seniors)

  • Professional Writing, Research and Communication (1 credit)
  • Project Pursuit- Advanced Business Strategy (1 credit)
  • Mentorship (1 credit)


* Option to take Business Strategy for college credit through UW-Oshkosh (CAPP).  Additional steps are required to enact dual enrollment option. Number of college credits and transferability varies.

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